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Where will you be applying what you come up with in The Niching Spiral? Click here.

Video #2: Grounding Materials


Video #3: How The Program Works


Video #4: Final Thoughts on Getting Ready


Grounding Materials: First things first...


Welcome to the Niching Spiral Homestudy Beta! You are the lucky 30 folks who have signed up ahead of the game and will participate in the Beta 2.0 version of the Niching Spiral Homestudy.

Please note that right now, you have access to all the prep materials (scroll down to find them in the lower left column of dropdown menus below - looks like the grey screenshot to the right of this text) and are welcome to peruse and walk through them all. The weekly lessons will "unlock" at the end of September when we start the daily process of this Homestudy in earnest.



- Be sure to join the Private Facebook Group

- You can download The Niching Nest eBook in the "Grounding Materials" dropdown (scroll down for the dropdown menus). If you're someone who likes to read from print, you can send the file to your local printer and get a coil-bound version.


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