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Niching Spiral Homestudy Course


A 90-Day, Seven-Step, DIY, "Masters Degree" Level, Refreshing, Sustainable, and Common Sense Approach to Figuring Out Your Best Niche.


BONUS #1: Three eBooks (Worth $120 USD)

The Art of Relevance - Value $40
In this 151 page eBook, you will learn how to get your ideal client's attention and have them saying, “That’s me!” vs. “So what.”

The first job of marketing is to get people's attention. That's job #1. If that job isn't accomplished, nothing else matters.

And it's not an easy job because you've got about three seconds to get someone's attention when they come across your website. When your ideal clients hit your website, blog or sales page you want them to read your words and say, "That's me! This was written just for me!" not, "So what."

Remember this always: the confused mind says "no."

If people look at your posters and brochures and don't see how what you're doing is relevant to them (or those they care about) it's over. You might be the best person in the world to help them but if they don't see that? It's over.

In this eBook you'll read all sorts of examples and strategies to clarify the journey and results you are offering.

BONUS: The Art of Relevance Workbook guides you through the best, most useful questions I've come up with over the years while working with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them figure these very things out.

Point of View Marketing - value $40

The subtle, underestimated & credibility-building power of articulating why you do what you do the way you do it.

If you've been following my work for any amount of time, then you've heard me talk about the importance of point of view in marketing. Your Point of View is your perspective, your philosophy, your approach. Your niche is central to relevance, whereas your point of view is absolutely central to trust and credibility. Aside from niche, point of viewis the missing element in 90% of the businesses I come across.

In this 230 page eBook, you will:
- learn what point of view is in a business context and nine reasons why it matters (many of these have literally never occurred to most entrepreneurs)

- learn more about three core elements of point of view (map, compass and route) and how they apply to your business. Understanding the differences between these three elements can make a world of difference in how quickly and easily you identify your own point of view.

- read dozens of real-life examples of point of view from five major categories of life (i.e. health, money, relationships, spirituality and contribution). After reading these, you'll start seeing point of view everywhere.

- learn the three stages of articulating your point of view. This section is one of my favourite things I've ever written.

BONUS! The POV Workbook is include for free with this eBook. This workbook guides you through the best, most useful questions I've come up with over the years while working with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them figure their POVs out. 

Crystal Clear: Five Simple & Proven Ways to Describe What You Do So That People Get it (Even if it Seems Hopeless) - Value $40

Over the years, I have heard the following sentiment from a good chunk of my clients.

“How the f#@* do I articulate what I do?!”

Is this you? After you tell someone (who you genuinely think you could help) what you do they often say things like, “wow. that’s really interesting . . . say . . . I’ve got to get some punch . . .” You can tell that, the more you talk about what you do, the more you lose them. When you’re talking with someone you know you could help, you can just tell that they aren’t ‘getting it’. You have a strong sense that they way you’re describing what you do now (in person or in your marketing materials) isn’t as strong, compelling or clear as it could be.

What you do is difficult to sum up into a nifty catchphrase (and you’ve likely tried a lot of different ways). It might feel like, “well, either have to say it in 5 words or 5000 words” but you can’t find the middle ground. You hate the idea of crafting a scripted ‘elevator pitch’ you need to memorize.

If this is you, I think you’ll find there’s hope. As you work through this 46 page workbook, I predict you’ll begin to feel oceans of blessed relief pouring over you as the words come together and you begin to breathe again knowing that, next time you are faced with this question – you will have a clear and compelling answer. The answers you come up with will serve you equally well in person, in a brochure, on your website or in live talks.

BONUS #2: Exclusive Monthly Coaching Calls

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"I’m attracting clients I love working with."
"Before completing the course, I was totally lost in the weeds about my brand! I couldn't articulate target markets or client problems with any confidence. I was afraid of my own point of view. My marketing efforts were unfocused, way too generalized, and sounded just like every other therapist or coach. What’s different now is that the course changed my relationship to the whole game of marketing and branding. I've become a confident marketer, with a deep understanding of my brand and who it serves. As a result of the course, I re-did my branding; my site content is much more focused; and I’ve expanded out into social media in really fun, and authentic-to-me ways. I developed and taught a successful workshop while doing the course, and have ideas for several more. I’m attracting clients I love working with. And ... I’ve started a book.” - Dr. Melanie Harth,
"Tad does a fantastic job of taking you step by step through the process of crafting your niche and getting your message out."
I took the Niching Spiral Home study course and have been thrilled with the enormous valued offered in this program. Tad does a fantastic job of taking you step by step through the process of crafting your niche and getting your message out. This course is a perfect fit for those holistic practitioners that want to fine tune their marketing approach.
Niching Spiral is truly a game changer and will shift your perspective about your business and those you serve. - Jamie Wallace,

My Guarantee:

If you put in a solid effort and this program doesn't work for you just let me know and you'll get a 100% refund with no hassles or hard feelings. The only thing I'll ask you is how I might have marketed it better so that you would have known, upfront, that this wasn't going to be a fit for you.

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